Revenge Black and Red OG Tour Hoodie Review

Is it Legit?

I am asked this question frequently in the Etsy messaging system. What people mean, when they ask, "is this legit," is actually more complex than the question asks. They don't just want to know whether it was produced by the same artists or same process as the ones Jahseh wore, but more so, if they were to spend their money on this hoodie, would the look and feel match their expectations. So let's go a bit deeper into the askers expectations.

revenge red and black OG tour hoodie - jahseh onfroy hoodie - xxxtentacion merch

What Can I Expect to Receive?

Quality replication in every detail down to the cropped bottom and the neck tag. The logo on the front and back have been sized carefully and completely. The folks at have been selling Revenge x Jahseh reps for years. They have perfected the sizing and placement of the logos through a rigorous process of trial and error in the beginning, and comparing feedback from buyers. A neck tag, with the sizing, is a unique declaration to their attention to detail. Scour the market for Revenge replicas. This is the only place you will find this attention to detail to preserve X's legacy. (Yes, it's true, sells on Etsy as well. They go by different names, but if you see the necktag, that's them.)

xxxtentacion - og revenge hoodie - black and red revenge

Will Anyone Know it's Fake?

The sizing of the logos on their Revenge Collection are completely passable. The coloring is spot on. Anyone who's wearing them would pass as a legitimate x piece to anyone who's looking. These might even be able to be sold on Grailed. The fabric isn't cheap or thin. It's a decent hoodie. Compared to the ones sold on the Revenge website, these are a bit lighter weight, but imo that's better for when it's hot out.

Is it Comfortable to wear?

These hoodies are mid-weight. They're not thin at all. If you wore them in an air-conditioned building in the summer you'd be comfortable. They're not the heaviest, so in the winter you'd want to wear a long sleeve or a thermal under them to stay warm enough. The logos are puff printed. There's no chemical or mechanical smell on them though. The bottoms are cropped so these register about one and a half inches shorter than some of my other hoodies I have in the same size. Someone taller would want to order a size up.

Does Take Requests?

The people behind this website are amazing. Send them a message in the chat feature or text them at (609)735-6556 with a photo and they'll most likely be able to make it. Over half of their inventory is requests. They make everything to order, so the request process takes a few weeks. In the mean time, cop one of their other pieces while they're up. They rotate out designs from time to time so some of their online inventory won't be available forever. Their Designer INS section used to have a ton of Gucci merch that's gone now. No telling if the X merch will share the same fate or not.


How Long is Shipping?

If you live in the continental US, they usually take about a week to process the order. The website says 3-5 days, but I've waited about 2 weeks to receive some orders from them. Their shipping speed could be improved, but with this kind of quality I don't really have that much of a complaint. My buddy in Ontario, Canada said his took 3 weeks to reach him. Their website says 10 - 14 days for international, so I'd add another week for accuracy. But maybe they've improved since last I ordered. I'm looking forward to placing more orders with them in the future, so I'll update this review when I do again.

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