Billie Eilish Merch and Sunday Service Sweatshirt | An Honest Review

This week at, Jean Rockaway takes a closer look at two popular items, the Billie Eilish Hang Hoodie and Kanye West's Sunday Service / Holy Spirit Sweatshirt.

A Cheap Billie Eilish Hoodie | No Need to Sacrifice Quality

         Price is always something to consider when making a purchase. Sweaters are a staple for today's youth. They're comfortable and warm. They're easy to fit in a backpack when the temperature adjusts. They're a way to connect with other people who listen to the same music, and share similar interests.

Go into any retail store in the fall and the isles are lined with sweaters and front pouch jackets. Some are thin material and some are puffy cotton. Some are waterproof and some are embellished with embroidery or screen print. Most youth want two things in a hoodie, however. A message and a material that keeps them warm. The message is simple - Billie Eilish merchandise is a way for young fans to deepen the connection they have to the music and the artist, they're looking for logos and symbols that Billie Eilish sports. But what qualifies a hoodie to become a personal favorite when it checks off the message?

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The Warmest Billie Eilish Merch
What to Wear When the AC is On

Schools today generally keep the climate at room temperature. However, occasionally students have overzealous teachers who in the wintertime, crack open the window panes. And what if your kid is sitting next to it? Better be prepared. prints Billie Eilish Merch on a cotton polyester blend. The hoodies themselves are pill resistant so they can be washed many times without appearing warn out, and are lined with fleece. Fleece is a synthetic wool, it’s insulating fabric and smooth to the touch.

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Honest Review of’s Billie Eilish Hang Hoodie

The Color:
The hoodie itself is a vibrant neon-green. It is accurate to the photo listed, in between electric green and lime green.

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The Design:
The design is slick, and smooth to the touch. The image of the small hanging man is clear and crisp, with no rough edges, no cracking, and no peeling of the design. It appears to be one with the fabric, and feels like a synthetic leather when touched.

The Hoodie itself:
The hoodie has a drawstring chord protruding from two metal eyelets. It’s fleece lined and heavy weight. A moderate bottom hem with a slight elastic band which is noted on the cuffs as well, and a front pocket which would suit two hands to keep warm when walking or standing.

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Overall I note no flaws. I hope will turn out other Billie Eilish merchandise, but for now, you can buy one for less than $30.00 here. Other colors like yellow, black and dark red are available.

Kanye West Merch | Sunday Service Holy Spirit Crew Neck

The second piece I want to look at this week is a piece of Kanye West Merch from the Sunday Service at Coachella in April.

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I don’t consider Coachella to be Kanye West Tour Merch, since he started doing public orations, but the merch, none the less, is equally coveted by fans.

 This sweater is the best Sunday Service / Trust God romper on the market I have seen so far.

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The front and back design is screen printed, accurately sized and spaced.

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The tag has a different feel, as if it’s printed in velvet.

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The sweatshirt is a unisex adult fit, it’s not oversized. It’s fleece lined, soft, warm and comfortable. For the price, this is well worth the buy. What I like about Jacmelien is that it's available in sizes up to XXX-Large. You can cop one for yourself here.

That's it for this week's An Honest Review.

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Never heard of before? Not sure if you can trust buying from them? Take a look at this blog post, "Is a Scam?" and get the facts before you decide.





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