Is a Scam?

When considering the internet, one can take one of two sides. "I don't know who that is on the other side of the screen and I don't trust them" and, "Well I know it's another person I'm talking to so I'll trust they'll honor what they say they will."

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So how does one go from, "clearly these are scammers looking to steal my identity" to signing up for a Prime membership to be awarded free shipping on any of the myriad of items offered on Amazon?

Advertising, reputation and some more advertising, but at the foundation, they've proved themselves to be reliable. So what about companies that are just starting out? How can one differentiate between the startups and the scammers?

For one, people who are going to scam you will want you to send them money and provide you with no proof of purchase in return. They'll advise you to pay them via Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal. They'll oftentimes not have a website.

But let's visit on what it means to be scammed, and move forward from there.

is legit? is sheinlegit? is a scam? fake gucci shirt

Many people may be familiar with the site SheIn. The company has implemented a marketing strategy utilizing pop under ads to open a new browser window when you navigate to a website that they've paid to advertise on. When they first started popping up, many people were wondering if shein was legit or if it was a scam. It seemed too perfect, low priced cute items that just appeared, sure they were shipping from China, the site had plenty of reviews from what appeared to be real people, but still one wondered, is shein good quality? Is Shein trustworthy? Is SheIn True to size? Legitimate questions one asks when confronted with the decision to buy or not when the item isn't in hand and able to be tested in person.

The general consensus of what it means to be scammed among buyers is spending one's hard earned money, and then not receiving what was ordered. Not receiving anything at all in fact. In today's day and age, people are comfortable putting in their credit card and debit card information into a retail site, from up and coming brands to multi-billion dollar industry giants like Amazon. is a company located in Atlanta, GA. It has retailers on several known buying and selling apps and platforms such as OfferUp, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Amazon and others. Often times people will be re-directed to by resellers to offer them a lower price on the item of interest. It is worth speaking of one conversation between a retailer and a buyer to get a broader understanding of the mistrust people share in upcoming companies.

"I've never heard of Shopify," said the buyer. "It's no different from Amazon, only you own the domain and the storefront is yours instead of when you sell on Amazon, you're only renting the space." replied the retailer. "Yes but Amazon is a company, you're just a guy selling online."

is legit? is sheinlegit? is a scam? fake gucci shirt

One must be reminded of the reality of things that owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos was once just a guy selling online, too. A company, or commercial business, is simply  paperwork registered with the state of operation, and whom is it registered by? Yes, you guessed, by a guy or gal, or by a group of them, looking to be able to cover the costs of operation and bring the public a product or idea they have decided would add value to people.

There are many benefits to buying from an upcoming company. For one, offers great loyalty benefits to their returning customers, and offers discounts to NEW customers SIMPLY if the customer ASKS for one! Another beautiful aspect of being new is that customers are attended to with upmost care. (Don't believe this blog post? Send someone at a text and see how they respond, and come back here and leave a comment that this post is wrong, go ahead, I'll bet you free shipping that you'll be answered cordially, that all your questions will be answered and if you buy something, you'll end up paying a less than listed price. Their contact information is listed at the end of this article.)

So what is and why do resellers keep redirecting people with their links? Shopify is the platform is powered on. There is no shortage of hosting providers when one looks to start up a website. Anyone can do it. The most common platform is Wordpress, and yes, many people own Wordpress sites. The process involves purchasing a domain, or, your address on the internet ( is this domain,) then purchasing a subscription to a hosting platform and plugging in the domain into that server. So for example, if one buys a wordpress website, but does not buy the domain, the website would be reached at instead of You see? One buys the rights to the .com, or .net, or .org. A myriad of suffix exist.

Shopify is a host. It's preferred for sellers because it comes with many built-in features such as SSL secured and encrypted checkouts, design templates and streamlined SEO which is basically how one would find the website by doing a search on google. Shopify also offers 24/7 customer support as well as design services. But the real incentive for sellers lies in it's fee charges.

No one wants to share their piece of the pie.

Did you know selling on Poshmark, a 20% commission is charged on the sale price of each item? Or how about that Amazon charges an average of 15% percent commission, and payments made through eBay take a hit twice between their hosting site and the payment processor, PayPal.

Keep in mind that on the other end of the screen is a group of human beings who are selling the products that are listed in order to support themselves and their families. They are men and women who work full time to make a living off of the IOT or, the internet of things. Everyone wants to optimize their performance and the results they receive. Sellers turn to Shopify because the basic plan only takes a two to three percent bite out of the sale. By purchasing directly from the sellers on, one is supporting the small businesses of America and contributing to the growth of the economy.
is legit? is sheinlegit? is a scam? fake gucci shirt
Is a scam? Is legit? Is quality, true to size? ships all orders within 1 - 3 business days, so customers in the continental USA can expect to receive their orders within a week. The items ordered are all hand made, using the same process as the originals, and are printed either on the same materials, or something identical. The truth is, what differentiates from items one sees advertised on DHGate or Alibaba, is the fact that is an American company, and the items are handmade by Americans, here in the U.S.A. One can expect exceptional quality, a true USA size fit, and a speedy delivery unlike the tempting items one finds from Chinese websites and drop ship stores. is not a dropshipper. They are the production house, and all calls and emails are answered by a member of their production team. They are a legit, quality, American company.

See for yourself! Reach out to someone and ask for a discount on any of the items you see in the shop. They'd be more than happy to grant you free shipping or negotiate a reasonable price with you. You'll be happy you did. It's rare to find a company who offers superb customer service and quality.

Not convinced? Here's an email send by one long time customers from our first shop on Etsy.

is legit? is sheinlegit? is a scam? fake gucci shirt

One more, from a satisfied customer re-directed from Poshmark:

is a scam? fake gucci shirt




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